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At Caulk Arts Inc. we provide museum quality fine art services to our small group of clients. We are a full art services firm managing the collections of corporations, private collectors and artists. We strive to make sure we meet International Museum Standards with the services we provide to our clients. The following is a breakdown of the services we provide.

Services offered


Installation and De-installation

We specialize in high value sculpture and painting installation. In the past we have installed artwork for our corporate and private clients in their offices and homes or in museums throughout the world.

Framing, Frame Repair, and Maintenance

We can take care of any pieces that need to be framed or reframed, and any frames that need maintenance. This includes broken or chipped frames, broken glass or Plexiglas, and backing bare canvases for protection. We can also offer a variety of mat choices for the artwork including silk and cotton wrapped mats. All of our materials are archival and acid free to prevent mat burning and ensure that the pieces maintain their value over the years.

Sculpture Maintenance

We conduct sculpture maintenance twice a year for our clients. Once in the fall to prepare the sculptures for the winter and once in the spring to clean up any weathering that may have occurred since the fall. Each process depends on the medium of the sculptures, but basically each is cleaned, and sometimes gets a coat of wax and/or water repellant. Additionally, any pieces that need further protection from the harsh winter weather will be wrapped and/or tented to prevent water from getting into cracks or porous surfaces and freezing which inevitably causes cracking and devaluation of the artwork.

International & Domestic Logistics

We will prepare artworks for shipping locally and internationally. This includes wrapping, padding and crating. We will also handle the customs documentation and booking of the air freight, sea-freight, and/or land transportation. Also, if needed, we will send a courier to accompany high value pieces and install the artwork at the destination. 

Storage and Inventory

  • Depending on the needs of the client we will conduct a full inventory of each piece of art in the space designated.  We take digital photographs and enter the information for each piece into a database. We attach a bar-coded label containing pertinent information of the art and the company's logo to the back of each piece, and note any damage or maintenance that needs attention. Following the inventory we produce a comprehensive report for the client.   
  • We currently house approximately 1,000 pieces of artwork in our two climate controlled storage facilities.

Conservation and Restoration

We handle minor conservation of acrylics and oils, such as repair of minor cracks and paint removals on canvas. We will also repair damage to plaster, bronze, steel and fiberglass sculptures on a case by case basis. Any damage that we cannot repair ourselves, we receive 2-3 quotes from conservators we trust who specialize in the medium of the piece, and as always, discuss the options with the cli

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We are a full art services firm providing museum collection management services to corporations, foundations, private collectors and artists. Our strong internal organizational capacity allows both for the rapid creation of specialized project teams as well as for the interdepartmental coordination of larger projects. We therefore take the entire project co-ordination into our own hands, ensuring both smooth and punctual progress, especially in the case of large projects.  

Caulk Arts Inc

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